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  • In most countries, private enterprises create the most jobs. This is especially true in developing countries, where over 90 percent of jobs are in the private sector. People who have overcome poverty identify “finding a paid job” or “starting a business” as the two most important reasons.

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    Providing Care through Cooperatives 2: Literature Review and Case Studies

    Date issued: 01 March 2017

    Today, care is provided in myriad forms, from childcare and eldercare to care for persons living with a disability or illness. What is more, the need for care is growing worldwide, driven by demographic shifts including the growing ageing population and the rising number of persons living with illnesses.

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    Social finance publications

    02 2017

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    Supply Chains Case Study Series

    January 2017

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    ENTERPRISES Newsflash

    Newsflash No.10, December 2016

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